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· 107d · memo
Memo plans to follow the procedure outlined by Money Button as best we can -
So memos will be posted on both chains untill a chain eventually dies, right? What happens if both chains survive?
Hopefully we don't have two chains, but if that's the case we will likely follow the majority hash power. If a minority chain has enough support we may create a sub-domain for it.
Our biggest fear!
I just wish this thing would get over with already. There is so much FUD about it. It reminds me of Y2K when the whole planet was supposed to implode. And then nothing happened.
Only 10 more days of this silliness and then hopefully everything will turn out to have been a lot of useless FUD and the BCH community will be stronger because of it.
Me too, the community is putting so much effort these days in things that may never happen.
Is this disagreement really that deep?