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If I top up my Memo account from say a wallet, will it be functional? Or not - because it doesn't also send SV?
Currently funding transactions are not supported until the fork is sorted out.
I suppose non-split coins work, right?
Unfortunately all funding transactions are currently disabled. We will hopefully have things more sorted out in the next day or two.
The solutions seems very simple. Drop support for unified coin, and start supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) again. As soon as somebody send everybody 1 sat
Dude you're one of the few people on that even support ABC. Stop pretending like it's all over after 24 hours. Even are more neutral to SV oriented.
Stolen btc hash by roger... then hurpa durpa checkpoint to lock it down... redirecting / changing protocol to "defend" against txns from stresstest. Only one side is compromising moral
...and yet still leading. Muh "stolen hash". What about the fact that CG tried to buy hash from Roger? LOL
Yep. It's not stolen, it was rented. And NCHAIN tried to do the same thing. They couldn't get any so now it's wrong. LMAO. Hypocrites.
ABC have basically shat the bed with horrendous misconduct the last few days... that will be very hard to clean. Shit stains alllll over that ABC blockchain..
Integrity here... ABC showing they will compromise their moral integrity over and over and over again... "desperate times call for desperate measures" I guess... (no different to govt)
Thanks for your work! I really you guys like keep on supporting Bitcoin Cash.
Ok no more tips. I'm out.
Are the reorgs on BSV right now helping or making things worse?
Re-orgs aren't an issue, having two separate chains is what needs to be dealt with.
How much BCH do you need to get free of nChain? What does the BCH community need to do go save
Tree fiddy when BCH is worth zilch.
SV is a heck of a lot closer to 0.
Memo should choose the winner, ABC is the winner obviously.
Reorgs that contain all of the exact same transactions do not impact user experience. Only miners lose out on the block reward for getting orphaned - an incentive to upgrade tech
Of funds I mean
Okay. Fair enough.