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Dead cat or back to the Moon? #GartleyPattern or what? #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency #BTC
I don't even bother with these until it completes all the way to C and is on it's way to D. Here's the mixed signals you should be looking at -
I combine Three dives to it. If one tells up and other down, I 'll just wait until it clears. A+B+C and then decide is a good way to go.
hahaha, that's not how it works! Youre trying to maximize your probability of making a profitable trade. With this method you might as well just flip a coin and say some prayers!
It lines up rather well actually. Hahaha...
Are there any references you could link which would explain these recurring pattern analysis with the ABCs and the numbers (Fibonacci)?
Here's a bearish Gartley setting up on BCH right now. If it hits both boxes(see the fib levels it hits between?) you're in business. Bat entry is lower than a Gartley.
Cool stuff. Thanks.
It's human nature to find patterns :) AI's we design are even worst, they find patterns everywhere :)
#Cryptocoins have no "fundamentals", only fear and greed so tech analysis "works"
Price is based on a few things but mostly human emotion - which is fairly easily predicted/manipulated. TA works because our emotions, supply, and demand are predictable.
woops sorry, C target for the Bat was off fixed it. Here's the entry and stop/TP levels
Here look, you might be tempted to take something like this but the move up before it is too small IMO. Best is if comes from below the pattern.