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Sold my GPU 3x more than I bought it for.

Clearly and undeniably, RTX gpus are excellent store of value and it's the future of money.

Bonus: it's cheaper than BTC for transactions.
replied 30d
Not just cheaper, but faster too apparently.

Sent the GPU transaction by postal service and it arrived at the recipient in 1 day.

BTC has no chance against gpus.
replied 30d
Time to fill your bags with sweet GPUs, memotards. #HODL #GPU #INSTITUTIONAL
replied 30d
Buy a bunch of GPUs, then make a token for that, & sell them, & people can trade them as they represent actual GPUs you hold. Need to figure out how to charge a storage fee to holders.
replied 30d
Pro-tip, don't actually purchase the GPUs. 😁