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that is the perfect response to that troll.
Haha, epic.
HAHAHA, You got that Core dumbass right where it hurts, mother fucker just doesn't know when to stop.
Welcome to, our stuff works so good that even our haters use it to tell us that it does not work. A- M-A-Z-I-N-G
By just using memo is compliments on its own!. (Its quite simple, if there is purpose and it can be used as matter of 'fact' - that overrides all opinions/talk; because talk is cheap).
BCash will be dead in a couple months. It DOES NOT WORK. Only for now, while you bloat the chain into oblivion. This is why the blocksize was 1mb.
Thank you so much for using this blessed technology to tell us that our blessed technology is not blessed at all. Years from now people will look at your posts on the BCH blockchain
Thanks again for your contribution to BCH transactions. You are definitely helping BCH success. Bring your friends. LOL
Nah, if anything I'm bringing it down faster with this Memo spam. Bigger the blocks, the less nodes can store the chain over time.
That's the spirit! Please convince all your BCH hater friends to go and bring down the blockchain by using it!
What you post here doesn't matter. People using BCH Memo already know how good it is. Quantity of posts matters. Thanks again for using BCH the king of Crypto.
Also, read your post history bud. Call us douchebags all you want. Don't change a thing. You want our guns? from our cold dead hands. Come and take 'em.
What they don't know is how little time they have to use it. BCash will be dead in months.
Wanna bet? I will send you 500.00 BTC and you send me 500.00 in BCH. You say months. I will let you pick the time frame. Deal?
I tell you what. If BCash makes #1 market cap in 12 months I'll empty my BCash account here on Memo to you and I'll close this account. Deal?
I'll even make the deal sweeter and put in 10 million satoshi's of BCash into this account.
You said BCH will be gone in months. I never said how long it will take BCH to pass BTC. It will happen eventually. I can't bet 12 months though. Right now nobody is buying any crypto.
I can go longer than 12 months if you want. 2021 even.
You claimed BCH would be gone in months. You clearly don't stand behind that. Now you are making bets out to 2021? LMAO. it completely shows you are full of shit.
It will be gone in months. Which is why this bet is so sad. Even if i won, all your BCash would be gone and you wouldn't be able to settle up.
Why? I said the crypto of your choice? I can take USD and buy another crypto. Boy you are one stupid fuck.
Lol, you won't have $500 USD when BCash hit's $0 nice try.
Now you know my financials? LMAO. See the connection? I won't have money- BCH is going under. The fact is, it's what you want to believe, not reality. Good luck.
Lmao, you'll probably have to actually get a job when your BCash flatlines lolol
i have to congratulate you, you must be the most active BCH USER on memo, its always a pleasure to see new faces eager to use BCH as much as possible, knowing its fast cheap & reliable
I could say the same to you when BTC flatlines. But why lie? I don't know your financials. I don't have to stoop to your level. of desperateness.
Lol, you think I'd risk my pre-2012 mining earnings worth many thousands of dollars on a dick-measuring contest?
What I meant was 500.00 USD value and I will change it to the crypto of your choice. You sound so sure of yourself to risk 500.00 bucks don't you?
If your BCash prophecies are correct, 10 million satoshi's will be worth $1000 when BCash hits $10k. Are you sure enough of yourself to take that chance?
at the rate you are going, looks like that'll be long after your dead. hope you dig yourself an early grave.
Then I believe the verb tense you're looking for is "will not work": Quite a different statement.
Thanks for using Bitcoin Cash. Please enjoy your support of economic freedom, and know that all discussion here is uncensored, something not possible on the BTC chain.
Is that what blockstream feeds you when they take you out of your cage?
Blockstream gives us decentralized side-chains. Ver just begs you to buy his centralized, chinese bags.
..because they 'gave' you no HF. Now you need to eat what the will GIVE you all day. Poor boy.
Come on retard answer the question.
Really? After 3 years please show me one that works.
Lightning is on mainnet. Use it. Not this Ver scam BCash.
lol LN doesn't work. It's more centralzied than a bank.

LN does work. I use it to buy coffee every now and then. Never a single payment failure. BCash is a broken solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
You have never used LN to buy coffee
Real coffee, maybe not. But this website works like a charm.
Really? Did you pay $10 to open a chanel and wait 3 hours for a confirmation to pay 50 cents for your coffee?
Nope. Paid the one time network fee and got into the next block. Ez pz. After that it's smooth sailing with LN from there.
So now blockstream holds all your coin and you can never take it out.
You're probably the dumbest shill i've ever seen.
Blockstream can't access my funds dumbass. Seriously. Download an Eclair wallet and quit shilling BCash.
I tried this game: with Eclair wallet, but I couldn't receive, what I won.
1000 Min bet on LN? That seems high.
Haha yes.
You need a wallet that can generate a payment request for the website to send to. It's not rocket science.
Do you know a wallet, you can recommend? I tried with Zap, but LND crashed on my pc, when I started it, and I haven't managed to get it running properly.
There is plenty of people willing to help you figure out on r/Bitcoin and r/LightningNetwork
Thank you. I will try that.
Actually don't bother responding im muting you now.
BCash scamming pussy...
okay smarty pants, what do you do if you have $5 in LN and the network fee is $10? How do you withdraw?
By the way did you know you can't reiceve funds on LN?
are you going to waste your time talking with this one? just leave it alone in his stupidity.
Actually there is this wallet: where you can receive through LN. I didn't get it to work though - I don't know if I did something wrong.
Reading through that link, my 1st impression as a "LN noob" is that LN is very risky and could lock away money for days.. makes me reluctant to even put in $20 to play around with it.
Nobody can tell if they've done something wrong. That's the problem with LN.
You don't. Spend the rest later.
How. The. Fuck. Are. You. Even. Using. This. Forum. Trollcunt
Social Networks like this shouldn't exist on Bitcoin. Too expensive, too slow to actually stand the test of time. @Bitpico will rip this chain into pieces when he attacks central nodes
Memo is recording on chain your stupidity forever. Watch out!
This chain won't last forever. BCash will be dead within 2-3 months.
Yes according to Adam Back and salty George a year ago :D
I can't tell if you are serious or not. enjoy using bch anyways
>Social Networks like this shouldn't exist on Bitcoin

But it does, and you're using it. :)

>Too expensive, too slow

1sat per byte is the cheapest anywhere, and 0-conf is seconds :)
stop, praising boku no bitpico, youre gayfriend only do is bragging about how deep he can get on a cucumber. youre name suits you very well, were out of funny animals so youre welcome.
Slow? Slow? Try sending your btc for the same fees you're paying for these chats and you'll be introduced to a whole new dimension of slow
Bitcoin is fast when not used by spammers posting their cat gif links on the blockchain every few seconds.
Bitcoin is permissionless. Who are you to tell us what can we do with it?
You can waste your money if you want. Doesn't mean it was ever a good idea. Satoshi never made BTC for small payments, which is why he knew sidechains were needed.
Satoshi envisioned online, permissionless micropayments from the very first release. :)
And then later he realized the need for sidechains to scale. Dumbass.
Where did he say that?
Once [Bitcoin] gets bootstrapped[...]you could effortlessly pay a few cents to a website as easily as dropping coins in a vending machine.

- Satoshi (RE: Bitcoin V0.1 Released)
Still waiting for HTTP Error Code 402 (Payment Required) to enter general usage.
Difference between HTTP 402 and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin actually made progress in that area ;)
I would image the majority of these types of payments will be of the the mico-type. If a single chain is to become the default, it will need to be able to handle these transactions.
Again, a fundamental misunderstanding: this time of my point. 402 says "use something to pay us", crypto is only one way to pay.
402 is then obviously obsolete, since it has gained no traction, and crypto has.

I don't really understand where HTTP 402 comes into play when regarding crypto micropayments.
They are complimentary technologies, not in competition.
402 Errors are returned by a website when you need to make a payment for access. Access could be a snail-mailed OAuth token, but crypto now makes this feasible.That's why I'm waiting.
Ahhh. 402 initiates payment, then crypto is used for that payment. Yeah, I see your point now. I guess BIP70 supercedes the HTTP402 in this case
402s been around for a long time, but "Reserved for future use": Already part of the HTTP protocol, and would just take BIP70 on top as a data format. BIP70 is new to me, will read up.
I don't dispute that. Personally I will use what works reliably and securely, whichever becomes commonplace is fine by me, so long as crypto is the underlying asset used for payments
Here's an example implementation combining the two (not mine, not tested):
[Bitcoin] could get started in a narrow niche like reward points, donation tokens, currency for a game or micropayments for adult sites.

- Satoshi Nakamoto (RE: Bitcoin V0.1 Released)
I know how the narrative follows: Bitcoin isn't designed for people who earn less than $2/day. BTW, memo posts are small payments.
Bitcoin isn't for people who earn less than $2/day. Lightning Network, is. Maybe a Memo can be made with lightning. Who knows?
>BTC isn't for people who earn less than $2/day

Fixed that for you.

Bitcoin is for everybody :)
I can prove to you that Bitcoin is for everybody:

That's you, my friend! :D
LN isn't even ready for the average consumer making $100/day because the UX expectation is high but the delivery is less than satisfactory. Too much risk even for small txs.
I imagine that enforcing an unnecessary 1mb block limit would slow down a blockchain a LOT more than the occasional kitty cat. Have fun not being able to spend your "store of value"
Slows down the blockchain, but at least it lasts. Sidechains are for small payments. End of story.
>but at least it lasts

how does a 1MB limit on block size make a blockchain "last"? What exactly is the BTC chain enduring that a 1MB block size allows it to persevere?
BCH is fast regardless because there's enough block space to fit all the "spammy cat gif links" + all of the txs people do currently + millions more :)

I'd like to see a tx w/ cat gif
Bitcoin is fast when barely anybody is using it. But doesn't change the fact that even in slow times it's still more than 10x more expensive. You are clearly an idiot.
Uh, you can still get 1 sat/byte tx's through on BTC.
Prove it to me. Where's the BTC social media platform? LMAO Oh yeah it's Reddit. LMAO. You can lie, but you are just lying to yourself.
I've already explained it to you. Social platforms shouldn't exist on blockchain. This bloat and spam will only make BCash die faster.
That is your opinion, but so far 2775 think differently. And you are obviously here posting and helping with BCH transactions. So thanks.
It's 2018, you should be switching to PayPal
PayPal is centralized.
What nonexistent problem is BCH failing to fix?
Hmmm, needs more side-chain? Tabs?
The scaling issue on-chain. The solution was always intended to be sidechains.
Did that idea originate with Satoshi? Where did he say that?
Yes, it did.
Doesn't seem like Satoshi envisioned sidechains but rather envisioned natural - yet not complete - centralization
Well i suppose the BCash shitshow ain't over till the fat bearded lady sings.
To each their own :)
When are you singing?
Never. I'm not fat, bearded and i don't sing.
as the [Bitcoin] network grows[...][full-node operations] would be left more and more to server farms of specialized hardware

- Satoshi (RE: Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper)
Link to source, please
man you must have the IQ of a worm.
Ver IS a worm.
And you are douche. Doesn't change the fact that BTC is broken and BCH is going to crush it.
BTC is going to survive. BCash is going to be destroyed when the datacenter with 98% of the nodes is hit with an attack.
If you call that "surviving".
Yes, i do consider having my chain safe from these attacks as having a greater chance of survival long term. Sue me.
You wish BTC is going to survive. Businesses are actually dropping BTC. That would be a concern, don't you think? BTC is losing market share because it doesn't work. Plain and simple.
It will come back once LN becomes adopted. BCash isn't the solution. All this work, for nothing.
If LN becomes adopted, BTC is doomed. As a LN dev once said, LN is BIGGER than BTC.
Yeah keep waiting. LOL.
I imagine you feel this way, spent your Bitcoin Cash here. U are welcome 💩
Grow up moron.
no u