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BCHD --fastsync option makes reloading a borked instance easy.
However, bchd crashes at 2gb limit on IPFS fastsync.
fix = "pin add" the utxo data so it loads internally instead of over the wire.
replied · 109d
do you know why it crashes at 2gb? and thanks for this information.
I think the IPFS server download process hits a 2gb boundary and wobbles or something,
causing some kind of timeout into BCHD. With no server handling, it just barrels on ?
replied · 109d
ah okay. I had the error when I tried, but I didn't really need it so I just gave up :D
BCHD did not do this on a laptop with no IPFS,
- it only happened in a side-by-side IPFS+BCHD server.
But I am still waiting for the UTXO verification to finish... so...
Not sure - I feel like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs,
just that after several hours of "unexpected EOF" I realized it was banging its head on the IPFS fastsync., at 2gb.