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1026d · Life
Somebody stole my phone yesterday in the bus, im about to lost my job because having a smartphone is neccesary for it, I dont know what do to, I need 70$ for a new one, please, guys, give me a hand
replied 1026d
hope you had backups of your mobile wallets.
Simon Van Gelder
replied 1026d
You don't need a new need one that's new to you. Ask around: there's a class of people with drawers full of old smart phones.
Bitcoin Cash Activist
replied 1026d
start writting for tips on
replied 1025d
I send you a billion Hamster tokens, sell them for at least 1 satoshi each in token store and you have enough to buy a brand new iPhone (but I requirement Samsung)
replied 1021d
Hey, I've been trying to sell the tokens but nobody wants to buy, do you think that 1 per token price is alright? or 0.1?
replied 1024d
OMG thank you, 1 miion satosi will help me a lot, thank you, brother, may life reward you for your good deed