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Take a look at r/btc if you still need a proof "Satoshi's Vision" is really working for Blockstream.
That sub is currently infested by trolls. Most of them seem to be BTC supporters. One hilarious observation: due to the bear market, their store of value narrative has changed.
Just so we are clear, r/bitcoin trolls are raiding r/btc to spread their usual FUD, but the community there is used to it and you can still have meaningful, uncensored, discussions
Absolute trash. Rogers jerkoff place.
Yes, but finding valuable posts is harder between all that trash.
They don't have any narative anymore.
They can keep using BCH for their trolling for all I care :D
Half the CSW haters there are fake BCH supports that are really Blockstream minions
They lost less value, truth be told...
Of course, but being down 75% in USD value makes the store of value/digital gold narrative worthless.
Sell your BABs while you still get something for them. 😂😂

r/btc users collectively cannot afford a sandwich
Are you one of the ones who called #BitcoinCash Bcash?
Only after the BSV split. Bitcoin crash sounds suitable too right now.
Is the price that important to you? Prices are rising and falling. For me is usage much more important.
BSV, in my opinion, has the best fundamentals to achieve that.
Yeah if you want to gov spy on your ass and having to use a permissioned centralized blockchain.
You have no idea what you're talking about. You must be one of those gold bugs preppers and conspiracy nuts.
Sure sure, I'm just using your supreme leader CSW's own word. Deal with it.
Of course, you gonna bring CSW out. Who else. Now go to your hatch and check your supplies of penicillin. It will be worth millions once zombies kick in.
Right, who else? Nobody else since CSW is runing his centralized, permissioned shitshow. Now bend over your supreme leader and expose to him your nice little virgin ass.
From which cave you came out dude? Aussie man bad! Funny words for someone supporting checkpoints, savepoints... and Amaurys spreadsheet.
Checkpoints are very good to actually protect my permissionless transactions from lunatics like CSW. Now go bend over to your cult leader, he's waiting at you!
Yeah, they are awesome. Keep digging your own hole.
Yes they are awesome. SV trolls can't say why they hate it because they use empty talking points provided by their employers. lmao
Flippening Bitch!
Flippening? SV is still as useless as it was 2 days ago.
LOL. By the power of proof of social media, we present you BAB. From bitcoin to shitcoin in a week or two. Also called Bitcoin Crash.
Now what? Still not gonna use that useless manipulated shitcoin.
Who the heck is Bob?
Maybe, but is it a reason to troll BCH?
you mean BAB?
I mean BCH.
Meh.. this ticker is so tainted right now, someone might be soon begging to get rid of it.
I like BSV, but when I read your posts, I lose interest in it.
According to your cult leader?
Again? What else you can talk about? It's the only glue that holds together BABoons right now. Hatred for CSW.
Right, I would love talking about something else but SV is all about CSW. Deal with it.
O ti, uboga opica. Pa si rekel, da ne boš otrok.
S katere veje si pa ti padu?
You guys get a room????
Every POW coin has a "mine empty blocks attack vector", as long as reward subsidy is a great majority of revenue for miners. Replacing block reward with transaction fees means to win.
Each coin right now has an unsustainable security paid by subsidies causing inflation. Once rooted economy is built using public ledger as a commodity, we get actual sustainable value