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I feel emotionally disconnected from everyone else. I never cried at a funeral or when I saw a person dying in front of me.
replied 4d
Maybe you have been hurt deeply.
do you want that to change? have you thought about seeing a counselor? inner and outer peace to you.
replied 7d
Even if its part of your family?
replied 8d
Not crying ID normal. It does not mean you have no empathy or feelings. It just means that you are not the emotional type. I also don't cry at funerals.
replied 8d
I saw grown men cry on the funeral of their wives. No woman no cry.
replied 8d
this is very sad, you could look for a specialist to help you bro
replied 8d
replied 8d
Does that bother you? From a different angle, I appreciate things you have done for adoption of p2p electronic cash. Do you get that feeling sometimes?
replied 8d
Some people don't appreciate it when you're different, like when you're a foreigner in a country or something like that. People like things they can understand.
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
replied 8d
You ok George ? You a clever guy in charge of his destiny my friend, if you feeling a bit stuck maybe a change in something is needed, which you CAN do. You the man George :-)
Ma Junior 1MBFpC
replied 8d
He's just salty that he sold all his beer tokens.
replied 8d
Don't feel strange if you can't feel empathetic towards people whom have never loved you one day you'll feel these things. Until then be thankful you haven't. You're okay, you're good.
replied 8d
That true
replied 9d
All We Need Is Love ♥️