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395d · SOUR
Do not ever buy SOUR tokens from David KING on Memo -

He is trying to sell his fake SOUR. Always verify token ID at
replied 395d
Which one is the real sour? Tip me to verify it LoL hahah
replied 395d
It can be tricky to identify a token in memo. Many know them by name only but names can be copied. Token ID is the only unique identifier and is only listed in the URL of Memo token pg
replied 395d
You can easily verify token ID in the URL when purchasing tokens on Memo. SOUR's token ID is always:
6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0 and nothing else.
replied 390d
Thanks you for the heads up , keep up the good work team
replied 395d
Wow, thanks i just noticed that