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528d · Memo App
Sorry, could you be a little more clear? On which page can you not scroll up?
replied 528d
Looks like any page
- select "posts" for example or "topics":
swipe down = scrolls down
swipe up = reloads login screen ≇!≇scrolls up
Maybe because I am not logged in ?
replied 528d
Being logged in or not shouldn't affect it. Are you saying you can't scroll at all, or only that once you reach the top and keep scrolling it reloads? Tried 4 diff devices w no issue.
replied 528d
I'll cut off my thumbs and try fingertips...
start by swipe down
ant then try to swipe back up fails.
On "Profiles" it does this also.
Also viewing single topic.
replied 528d
Weird. I'll look into it. Just for assurance here's it working for me:

replied 527d
Both of your screencaps were in "DASHBOARD" which because I do not login is unavailable to me.
(Why I do not login ? has a very long and complicated answer)
replied 527d
Here it is again, not signed in,all data cleared. Works fine but I'll look into it this weekend.

replied 527d
I found the problem.
I always click from drrop-down. (old-school)
Your screencaps always use left-menu swipe to start from - that works.
Thanks. but best ? recode top menu
replied 527d
Also ITF please let me know if you experience a bug. Ive been posting over & over asking people for bug reports and never receive any. Hoping itll be fixed wont help. I want it to work
replied 527d
I'm not sure I understand the problem you're experiencing. Swipe or click, I can scroll on multiple devices. Could you send me a gif or vid of the problem?
replied 527d
will do,
on a flight at the moment maybe when jetlag is over in a few hours
best regards
replied 527d
Awesome, thank you. And no rush, enjoy your flight!
replied 527d
Correction - I see a scroll indicator
- not a grabbable tool, just an ephemeral indicator.
But no matter what
no matter where,
swipe up ->always<- goes to login screen.
replied 527d
Copy on the scroll bar but there is no grabbale tool. I will add one
replied 527d
You have a scroll bar !!!!
Envy erupts..
Must be some personalization cruft buried deep in the Android settings I never venture into...