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· 86d
Just noticed that the biggest #Coretard conference is on-going:

Check the speakers if you need a comprehensive list of the people who hijacked, derailed and ruined #Bitcoin

replied · 85d
I watched Pierre Rochard ealier on the livestream (Youtube recommendation), and he was talking how transaction fees weren't high enough currently...
replied · 85d
replied · 86d
If you are among the attendees, congratulations.... you are officially mentally retarded.
replied · 85d
My friend just told me he's there. I asked him wtf he would hang with them. Told me they're not as toxic as on Twitter when in person... He's smart but I think he got duped somehow :/
replied · 85d
That they are not as toxic as on twitter makes them even more ridiculous and proves their lack of character and honesty. Also it reminds me of what women say, staying with abusive men.