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PREDICTION: Jihan goes broke. Craig earns his respect. They join forces and take Core down. Roger promotes Bitcoin (SV) as the real Bitcoin.
Epic movie plot: the zealous noble man who supported the vile opponent to the anti-hero because of a personal belief, suddenly learns that the latter was the true hero after all.
You're an optimist.
It's 37% more profitable to mine on BTC than BCH. It's 357% more profitable to mine on BTC than SV. Who's going broke?
You are too short-sighted.
Nobody has unlimited funds. LMAO
I do. I added 20% more antiminer S9s to my fleet directed to SVpool.
I think it's very possible Roger, Jihan and Aumary are all Chinese Communist Party operatives. The Chinese government is all Rockefeller/Ford foundation puppets anyways, so....
Or they really don’t understand Bitcoin in principle.
I suspect it's very much both. That's why I'm for more privacy, but still accountability, so it needs to be economic incentive, not identity except at second level.
I don’t think we even know who’s part of the Bitmain board.
Sure we do. They are upstanding party members working for their president-for-life.
Sounds like the SV community and CSW.
I’m sticking to Satoshi’s script. Yes, CSW is also sticking to Satoshi’s script. And yes SV is all about Satoshis vision too.
Support for satoshi vision is getting smaller and smaller lol. must be the fog.
IDK, it seems like they wouldn't spend so much energy sabotaging the code if they didn't understand it. These astroturfing campaigns are pretty heavy.
They let Core win. They really don’t know what they are doing. What is common knowledge for us eludes them. But I’m happy they don’t get it. Let’s me load up on SV.
You do realize that the small BCH community has now been cut in half again,right?That means not only is it going to slo BCH adoption down,but it will be difficult for SV to get started
SV will absorb the market cap of all cryptos and overtake BTC ecosystem. Core will be no more. There will only be Bitcoin with SV.
C'mon man, taking it too far. You've got to know that spouting crazy talk like this just makes it plainly obvious this is not your personal opinion, just what they pay you to say
I absolutely believe this. I have a high salary job. I don’t need to get paid by nChain 😆.
Again for the douche bag. The definition of Bitcoin is A PEER TO PEER ELECTRONIC CASH SYSTEM. There are many now that are considered bitcoin. The Satoshi Vision is only one way.
To be fair, bitcoin should also be decentralized. SV is 100% centralized under Nchain. Hash rate, development and all the businesses. For me it's the definition of a shitcoin.
you are mistaken, nChain aren't the only ones guarding the original model of Bitcoin; they are just the biggest bouncer of the bunch
Nchain is guarding the SV chain so well it can't even be upgraded properly to increase capacity to global scale.
even Amaury would disagree with your statement
...the statement implies that there are no ways of ramping up capacity without changing the protocol, which is wrong
Then why SV changed the protocol to increase the block size limit?
the winning argument 👏
Yes. It means SV changed the protocol. #NotSatoshi'sVision
Yep that is what they said about BCH a year ago. It's been a year and they have over 500 listings on Marco Coino. That's hardly anything. You will be dead before it happens.
I agree, SV has no front man. I think they are hopping to start with some large solutions that needed a much larger chain to make the idea work. Maybe they can get some huge company
The BCH split was a double whammy because letting Core win sabotaged the main chain and simultaneously gave them command of the opposition, until now.
Nobody has more conspiracy theories than you. What happened to that "SECRET" chain NCHAIN was building? It was the only possible theory. LMAO
It's still there. ABC wouldn't be checkpointing if they weren't afraid of it.
It's true that ABC was defending against something with checkpoints. They had a fear of something.
Defending against something doesn't mean they did anything. And even if there was, it's useless at this point.
You'd better be right

I think we'll see replay protection being added within a few days.
Honestly I really don't care. I will hold both coins from the split. Both coins will be fast, cheap, and reliable. I favor BCH because CSW is a douche. I could careless about the tech
If you select a decentralized coin by looking at it's leader you missed the point of crypto currencies
When one leader is a known conman, you should certainly look at leaders.
Classic NPC focused on the personality of ONE GUY. This is about the consensus rules. The performance issues can be worked on independently without any hardforks EVER.
Yes because one guy owns it. That's the CSW chain. The guy creating money for the world with 400 patents purpose is just to sue everybody. That's why he will mine at 0 for years.
That's not how this works. Calvin has most hash by far anyway. There are about 10,000 mining nodes on SV... that's not one guy... and the consensus rules are now set in stone.
So you're not going away if ABC dies/admits defeat?
Nope. They are both considered Bitcoin. Just different paths. If SV should gain traction, most merchants will accept both. They aren't going to kick BCH to the curb,because it works.
No doubt about that.
So CSW will capitulate once again?
The market will never accept bcash. There is only Bitcoin SV.
The market have chosen BCH in a free speech environment.
imo it was dumb for everyone on ABC-side to immediately declare victory, fully knowing that SV-side will keep their mouths shut up until the CoinGeek-week; 💩 is about to hit the fan
The hashwar is over. Nobody is expecting network upgrades to last for weeks or even months.
well we are making history right now, people's expectations can go hang
History has been made already. BCH protocol has been upgraded.
yea, i am gonna wait until there is replay protection, thanks
You will patiently wait till your dear leader decides to wake the fuck up?
It already has accepted BCH. LMAO.
PREDICTION: SV adds Replay protection and goes their own way.
Never. CSW is a fighter. Maybe their own way is taking over BTC and wiping out all other cryptos. You should join in on the fun 😉
He is not a fighter, he is a liar, and a bluffer.
He’s standing his ground against the largest producer of miners and then some.
PREDICTION: Mike the retard gets dumber by the day.
No need for a prediction. You are the dumbest moron on earth.