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Been away from the memo crowd for a few months. Can anyone give me the highlight reel? #dailymemo
replied 196d
a wave of generosity followed by a wave of begging followed by a wave of anti-begging interspersed with shtposting, drama and a few new faces😀
replied 196d
Welcome back! Hello from Canada.
replied 196d
Any chance can rescue
replied 196d seems Memo is no longer being used at all by any BSVers. Only BCHes now :-)
BSVers seem to have fled to Twetch, not there were that many to begin with here.
replied 196d
I quit looking at adult content and incorporated more probiotics into my diet.
replied 196d
Not many highlights. At least probably nothing you don't already know about.
replied 196d
hey nice to meet you
replied 179d
When you going to come up again on videos?
replied 178d
Haha soon I hope. Been busy with the wallet team. Once we're caught up I'll have more time to drop in