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1078d · Politics
I'm sorry I couldn't be here to celebrate with you guys during the election, anyone else still laughing their ass off over Trump's landslide defeat and sore loser routine?
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
replied 1078d
I was hoping that after Biden got sworn in the Trumpers would finally wake up and realize it wasn't everyone else being fooled by fake news but them. But no they still in denial.
replied 1078d
Some of them believe that Democrats are all body doubles and vaccines are actually 5G microchips, there's always going to be that retarded 1/3 of Americans until we fix our schools
replied 1078d
The Trump show was a crazy show to watch. That season finale was fucking nuts. America does not disappoint as a source of entertainment. That said it is good to see Biden fixing things