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What?ABC just ruined their reputation adding checkpoints to prevent his and Calvin's reorgs... He's done us all a service by shining a spotlight on ABC camp and their lack of integrity
They ruined their reputation preventing an attack on the BCH chain? LMAO. You are a douche.
No they ruined reputation by destroying the security model and economic incentives in bitcoin. They could have prevented an attack with hash power - instead they corrupted it all.
No they made the chain more secure, and Economic incentives? You are good at making shit up.
more secure? REALLY???? With only 10% of nodes accepting the CPs every 10th block it is an almost certainty to cause a permanent chain split if publishing 10 empty shadow mined blocks
they did the equivalent of enabling guard-walls on a bowling-lane; ABC is joke
You sound pissed off that CSW couldn't attack the shit out of BCH. LOL Go take a cold shower.
i've got a feeling that people with deep pockets will pass on ABC because of joke moves like that #doomed
You publish the 10 blocks right at checkpoint time and 50% of network go with the 9 original blocks and it gets checkpointed by some ABC nodes and the other 50% checkpoint the reorg