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Trump tweets about Bitcoin: "Not a fan"
Naomi is getting relevant, atleast for the others! She is building a bridge to all the 95% who still believe that #bitcoin is a hoax... Now let us pray she is incorruptible... Amen! :D
replied · 3d
Thanks for watching my stuff :)
I did not! Too much adoption work! :) I am just happy that others appreciate it! I can offer your audience an interview with deep real insights about #bitcoin adoption in Venezuela.
replied · 2d
If you could put me in touch with anyone in Venezuela that would be great
I am in Venezuela, since 2 months, I have been educating many SATOSHIS and merchants. I met the director of crypto for Venezuela & bitcoiners since 2009. I have details about petro!
We could make that a very insightful show for your audience, check my latest interview:
Chump wants Libra under Banking regulations, basically PayPal 2.0. It is everything original Bitcoin stands against.
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I especially appreciate that nobody was insulting him like I was expecting. Very nice !
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I am a big fan of Trump, bt I obviously disagree with him on this. BTW, love the video in every way very well done and pleasant.
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Thanks so much for watching! :)
replied · 3d
maybe he is just pumping his own coin!
wow take the cake!