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Recent reports of Memo accounts being drained.
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There are some reports about Memo accounts being drained of funds and tokens being destroyed today.

**At this time, I do not believe Member or is affected.**

However, if
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| you use your account across both websites, and, you may be affected, especially if you have used a weak password on your Memo account.

I have taken the
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| precautionary measure of moving funds off of the Member Treasury and FreeTrade accounts.

It is generally recommended that you only store only small amounts on your Member and Memo
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| accounts.

**If you have significant amounts of BCH or Tokens on your Member or Memo account, you should move those assets to a different wallet, preferably in cold storage.**

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|ermore, I recommend that if you have re-used your Memo password on another site, you should change that password on the other sites.

I'll update as I learn more.
random liker
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probably also if you have used your private key to log on to member
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Thanks for alerting us!