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#BSV has actually a much clearer strategy than #BCH which is just trying one tactic after the other to convince investors to get on-board while doing little for actual P2P adoption.Anything that #BCH has achieved has been topped by #BSV except for exchange adoption which is not necessary at this point in time as the project does not need liquidity but developmentRoger Very has failed with his business man strategy, ignoring the real community, which is now working with #BSV while just the fanboys stick to #BCH like a soccer club #rogerkver#DASH is the only coin that has an absolutely different strategy with their treasury system and extremely transparent communication, which will show its real power after next pump.The next pump will double the value of the market cap and therefore the funds available for #DASH promotion while block rewards will go down for #BCH so harshly in just two years.#DASH cuts mining rewards gradually by 7% each year which allows adjustments while #BCH mining will become unsustainable apruptly if tx fee will not be raised. Will they raise it??