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414d · Tip Tokens
This is redundant, we already made reaction tokens and nobody uses them. Setting fixed prices just makes it seem like you're scamming people with the ones you created though, just give them away
replied 413d
That being said, i know this sounds crazy but maybe people would prefer to be tipped in BCH since, it actually does have market value and purchasing power :) .....
replied 413d
Yeah I mostly meant that "reaction tokens" are redundant, since a lot of people created emoji tokens after SLP was first introduced. I like tipping Spice and other valued tokens
replied 413d
"Tip tokens" to me are just for fun. I think people are way more appreciative of BCH tips.
replied 413d
Eh, i use the one i made (Ankh). That being said i don't know if i'd call a tip token marketable. But if someone is selling it and someone is willing to pay i won't stop them.
replied 414d