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PoS pre-consensus, really? is this still bitcoin?...
It is China-Coin.
No. Sell for BSV while cheap
The Ava coin using the same Avalanche consensus mechanism uses PoS as sybil protection (essentially ensures everyone votes once), but the suggestion is that BCH simply use PoW here.
Of course, is just a client policy, like the "first seen" rule. Miners are not enforced to follow it.
But how is wormhole going to take advantage ??? must be just a temporary [policy until it is mandatory
There's no need to make it mandatory is majority of miners decide to enforce it.
That's weird, what do you even mean by majority ? Remember, miners come and go
In the case of Avalanche, miners which mine the last 100 blocks.
The number 100 is used just as an example. The exact number, or some other selection mechanism, is still to be decided on.
Thanks for the clarification.
But what's the point if they don't follow ? It'll be considered as an attack so they'll have to follow that rule too
If the majority of miners enforce Avalanche, blocks containing DS can be orphaned. The same happens now with first seen rule, but this is less reliable due to mempool partition.
Avalanche can be a soft fork rule. If enforced with majority of miners, blocks breaking established pre-consensus will be orphaned. It could also be soft-soft fork ;) (no orphaning)
devs are a cancer to the community. Want to change Bitcoin? Go create your own coin
The implementation of the Avalanche consensus model being discussed for use as a BCH pre-consensus mechanism does not rely on proof of stake...