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Bitcoin Cash is no longer bitcoin.
That is absurd. Nothing about the recent update goes against the whitepaper, or takes away from its ability to be used as electronic cash. The recent update brings us closer than ever
Centralized checkpoints and collusion by mining cartels with exchanges. Sorry but Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. Experiment away.
Just because you call yourself Bitcoin does not entitle you to decide what Bitcoin is.
How can a checkpoint be centralised? Centralisation is mostly about mining hash distribution. Checkpoints are just a protection against an attack, used because CSW threatened an attack
We need a place where we can discuss bitcoin but you have to answer some math and logic questions before you get a login. Maybe someone can create on-chain proof of math ability.
I find there's a lot of people here who just repeat talking points & apply them where they don't make sense because they don't have a fundamental understanding of how bitcoin works.
Bitcoin SV is the real Litecoin.
Bitcoin is no longer bitcoin?
Bitcoin (SV) is Bitcoin
· 78d
Bitcoin is Bitcoin. Everything else are just forks. What matters is that BCH is a fork that seeks to replace Bitcoin, as BTC is outdated and has not as of yet been able to scale.
BTC and BCH don't matter.
· 67d
If your dream of pursuing the "perfect sound money" means ripping up and burning every project to the ground
· 67d
to start over every time it does something you don't like, you will NEVER achieve your goals. Two days ago it was BTC, Yesterday it was BCH.
· 67d
What's so special about SV to suggest it will somehow be better this time?
· 67d
They never mattered to you.
which is real bitcoin?
Bitcoin (SV)
Why do you feel that way? I've never seen why people prefer it.