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reward pool: no idea, we will see
winner: whoever piss him off more
instrument to qualify the winner: scream-meter-butthurt
move! ( also my contribution)
replied 12d
dunno. I think he genuinely has some form of alcohol induced psychosis. I have poked fun at him in the past when he attacks people, but I also kinda feel a bit bad about it.
replied 12d
I don't feel a bit bad. someb is harassing him, bc I found shit outta place, now i dont get whotF wld go after page this size, it makes zero sense. BUT!- it doesnt mean I cant have fun
replied 12d
he may hve AIP but my auth, phones, apps, wallets & etc do not, while I was semi-rip few months ago smth tried 2get in, i dont remember him spy-screaming b4, but mayb is NOT connected
replied 10d

This is the character named Uther Pendragon, from Merlin series btw