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created poll 596d
Which date would you prefer to test the txBlasterCollect bot (currently accumulating funds):
October 15, 2018 2 votes · 0 satoshis
November 1, 2018 3 votes · 0 satoshis


replied 596d
Maybe after all the fork drama could be an option also? Like November 25th or something?
replied 593d
Yes, we can blast after fork too. I hope CTOR doesn’t hurt network. It deals with the third bottleneck in propagation. No idea why ABC pushing it so hard.
replied 593d
because it makes way for omni to work better. this is the equivalent of forking bitcoin 100x more than all the alt coins in ETH.
replied 592d
replied 592d
I read the article and the comments. It is possible that CTOR does not benefit omni and wormhole directly. However, if CTOR manages to cripple BCH progress, then o&w benefit indirectly
replied 592d
O&W transactions will always cost more than regular BCH transactions (much like how memo txs will always cost more than normal BCH txs), so not sure how that would be the case
replied 592d
Don't know enough about omni to comment specifically, but if, for example, omni tx is much faster than crippled BCH, then, onmi wins.
replied 592d
Omni txs are BCH txs, just with some extra OP_RETURN data attached (same with memo). The post you just made is a BCH tx. You can't cripple BCH without also crippling memo and omni.
replied 592d
Ok, thanks. So what is the danger of #wormhole to BCH? Just the burning process?
replied 591d
It helps BCH by increasing the number of BCH txs. More txs = more fees for miners = more security for everyone. And burning makes everyone else's BCH more rare and thus more valuable.