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Interview with Dr Craig Wright - August 2018
BTW, Craig Wright Proves He Can Code By Copy-Pasting “Hello World” Program. AMAZING!
I want you to point me one programmer who do not copy/paste from stack overflow.
Look world, I can program! And then you copy paste "Hello World" from SO. Really? Are you for real?
That's one of the most made problems I have ever heard. If someone ask me the same I will literally copy paste it because it will save me time and i bet 99.9% of all will do the same
If I had doubt in your programming ability (that was the case, btw) and you come back with a verbatim copy paste, you can fuck right off. BTW, are you mildly retarded?
CSW doesn't give a shit about "proving himself" to VB because the people who matter already know he's wicked smart. Vitalik is an obvious tool - the only question is who his master is.
VB made a tweet that CSW couldn't code 'Hello World', so CSW threw in a copy of 'Hello World'. Anyone who has two brain cells understands that.
The people you're trying to fool are smarter than you.
Is she Japanese? Her English is quite good
Burn addresses are MAGIC! LOL!