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411d · BCHD
SIGSEGV crash appears unrecoverable on BCHD,
Lacks any CLI methods to roll back and reSYNC
Restart SYNC taking weeks puts this out of reach on v0.14.3 at this time.
Parked, awaiting next release.
replied 411d
Is there a more detailed description of the fault you experienced somewhere?

Tinkering with similar, have found both recoverable and non-recoverable situations.
replied 411d
the ldb database is iost in lalaland according to what the ffldb logs indicate.
the fork had a few interesting moments but the node seemed to grind through okay.
replied 411d
I just wish there was some kind of " --restart from block ###### ".
...wishful thinking
replied 411d
Thanks. That's very dissimilar to the situations I had (both were freezing on a block).

Once I was able to recover by removing peers.json and restarting.
replied 411d
welcome to the "Deleting peers.json club".
(but not this time)
I was considering just deleting ldb stuff back to May 18 but my motivation is just not there.