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The Flippening Has Happened! Market manipulation and what history tells us

I made a video asking the question: "Is @CalvinAyre George Soros or is he the Bank of England?
Nobody wants savepointed spreadsheets. They thought conspiring with exchanges will bring them value. ABC failed. Rogers suckpuppet army on r/btc has no economic value either.
Still salty that we preempted your (SV cabal) incompetent attack, I see.
You probably think you're the first to come up with idea of automatic savepoints. You just exposed ABC to additional attack vectors which will be exploited when pain will be strongest.
the irony here is to good to be true.
Well, that didn't last long :-D LOL
Well, that didn't last long.
ABC & Ver & Jihan & exchanges conspiring to quickly pounce on the BCH-ticker were the bank-of-england
ABC attacked BCH by introducing changes that the vast majority of BCH hash opposed. Then they brought it mercenary hash to push these through. Pretty clear ABC was the attacker.
Total bullshit. All the hash power supported these changes expect for Calvin's. CSW and Calvin said for a whole 6 months: let's let POW decide. Well, right now BCH has 25% more POW
There is no hashwar. You guys admitted defeat when you had to add checkpoints because you ran out of money for hash power.
You forked away from Nakamoto Consensus.
Checkpoint was added after every fork in the past. Same was this time.
You can argue that it is dangerous to add a moving checkpoint, and I may partially agree with you, but the intention for adding the moving checkpoint is perfectly valid.
Someone reorging your chain 10 blocks back in time using HIDDEN mining is obviously an attack, and not NC. NC is not trying to allow that; it's trying and failing to stop it.
ABC played a fair game sv just missed the rules. But there are no rules in war.
That means it fell 15% in last 10 days. Pretty much whole december BSV has more hash. Seems more sustainable than Rogers jizz.
The percentage of age difference between my father and I fell as well. Does that mean I'm aging faster than he is?
Depends what is the expected and actual % change. Maybe your father is in a rocket travelling with near-light speed?
Bad analogy.
Ha, you're clearly a math expert. /s
SV trolls on suicide watch!
Do you really believe this bullshit?
Either you are a paid shill or else you are just delusional.
nChain was agreed with CTOR
Have you read this yet?