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729d · SOUR
The 🍋SOUR Airdrop to ZAPT holders is complete!
4992.73 SOUR were evenly split to all ZAPT holders with a 55+ bal. 683 addresses recieved around 7.31 SOUR each. If you haven't, try
replied 727d
As I had already posted here on memo RFND, ZAPIT and SOUR are to date the safest SLP tokens and in which to invest I believe that their value will increase in the weeks to see months
replied 727d
The "we" people includes who exactly?
replied 727d
The word "we" isn't used in this post but I'm referring to two different SLP tokens. SOUR is a development proj run by myself. ZAPT is a company that created and maintains a wallet.
replied 727d
This mysterious group, who are they and what do they do?
replied 729d
7.31 looks right to me.

does ZAPT also drop ZAPT token too?
replied 728d
They just recently dropped 10K ZAPT to 7 different tokens over the past week, including their own. Whether they'll do it regularly, I'm not sure. I like their wallet and features tho.
replied 727d
replied 727d
They being
replied 726d
Sir hope you notice my posts