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created poll 838d
Final friendly before world cup begins in 2 days


1) Place your bets as tips. (Max 1,000,000 sats)
2) [ IMPORTANT! ] Post a message along your vote (bet)

Bet + Like => Get 1000 sats

Japan + 0.5 goals (1.40x) 7 votes · 52,000 satoshis
Paraguay - 0.5 goals (2.50x) 5 votes · 42,000 satoshis


replied 838d
Hey man, will you be doing this throughout the world cup?
replied 838d
Yes, I will run a two choice bet for each of the 64 matches.
replied 838d
Will try direct more people this way.
Do you think there's can be a long term bet for who will win the world cup?
I.e pick teams for the finals and the end winner?
replied 838d

There can be a long term bet but I don't plan to do it.
replied 838d
Sorry, forgot comment. Japan!
replied 838d
Screwed up my vote, liked and tipped after I voted.
replied 838d
No worries. I got your bet for 10,000 sats on Japan+0.5
replied 838d
Keep it up, dude! May get me into sports betting ;)