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"You hear Craig say 'stability' often, there is nothing stable about disputes!. Stability expands beyond just a 'protocal'!. The coin split on Nov15th blew it for me!, there is always the risk of futher coin splits
in the future - that's the danger with hard forks!; but not with Core dev's!. Core dev's now look the most stable!, and there reasons for soft forks are valid more than ever now!.
(You don't hear about it much, but lightning network is doing extreamly well!).

It's profitable for BSV team to mine at a loss because it keeps up the facade - so they make big money
lighting is a joke. You don't take the innovation of trust minus the third party, (the game changer that is bitcoin) and add back in the third party. Morons.
back by ludicrously expensive CoinGeek tickets & marketing!.

Lock down protocal? What do you think the one full node reference client exists for in BTC -
to lock down the protocal & to create stability for development!. (Craig is an expert lier!)."
BAB side wanted to split at all costs. CSW wanted to fight with nakamoto consensus. But muh.. checkpoints, savepoints...
CSW wanted stability and miserably failed, just like anything else he says.
BSV is very stable at around 90 to 100 USD range, the ecosystem is stabilising again after BAB brought split. BAB is a freefall though. Nobody will dare to touch it except bagholders
Thanks for using BCH btw 🖕😂🖕
Of course it is stable, nobody is using it and I still can't dump them on the market.
Your 0.5 of BSV dollars won't move market tho.
I have no intentions to move the market. How idiot can you be?