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Just your daily reminder that TAXATION IS THEFT. A claim to value produced by another human being, obtained without their permission, is slavery.
Its not a free country if you need citizenship!. A free country = freedom of movement, without permission. Citizenship is to keep tabs on you, particularly so you can be TAXED!.
nah. at least in principle, tax is what you pay for living under the empire of the law. try the alternative, tell me if you like it.
I would try the alternative, but it's illegal where I live.
I would try other places, but it's colonized the whole planet. I would try other planets, but by the time i can get there ....
You could pool up with other people and make a colony in space, a self sufficient cargo container floating in space with no taxes.
only if they catch you
i see, so what you would like is to have all of the amenities of civilization, and none of the costs . . .
I don't see how it is possible to know whether or not the "cost" is worth paying, if one is not even allowed to refuse the service.
At least you can move to Wyoming
So you want to be an anarchist who lives in a city?!?!
Yeah, but then I would have to live in Wyoming.
I responded to the wrong post - you're going to have to paint me a picture of an anarchy-city. Do you have sewage or does your poop get taken away by fairies?
Right now I have a really sweet arrangement with the septic tank fairy. Are you trying to say private sewage systems are impossible?
Some public systems will always be necessary. The key is designing systems such that they can exist on their own, free of human governance. Bitcoin did this for money. Sewage one day.
Not saying it's impossible, I just can't imagine how it would work. I can't even begin to game it out in my mind.
just because you or i cant imagine how it could be done doesnt mean we should ban others from trying or competing with existing systems.
How could we possibly know? True anarchy has never been tried!
we're talking about municipal services not the whole gov. should probably also ban fusion research, idk how it would work. Medical research? Waste of money, end it.
IDK about you but I poop every day. Having sewars and running water are completely different "services" than government funded "research". Apples and orangutan comparison.
I also eat every day, use my phone every day, drive my car every day, all of which are more complex than pipes.
Yeah but all those things can be done in a fairly decentralized way. To have a sewer system you have to have some organization build and upkeep that system. Usually we call it a city.
too lazy to change it to pipes but its the same argument.
Roads are a completely different story. Sewage treatment requires a large central facility, so whoever runs that is going to have a lot of power. Makes more sense to do a co-op.
Let's decentralize the sewage industry! New consensus algorithm: POP proof of poop! Instead of satoshis we will use malarkeys. Mr hanky will be the mascot on the coin. Keep it going
can be distributed to single house level (septic tank) or neighborhood level or city level. no reason it has to be a state granted monopoly.
So it's either you pay into the neighborhood coffer for poop removal or you live in a single family home and pay for the tolls to get to work. Or you live in Wyoming. Death and taxes.
Not saying you shouldn’t have to pay for the service (I’m not a socialist). saying we should pay one company (of many) directly w/o going through gov.
or there are multiple pipes leading to your house/apartment & you choose who removes your poop. no reason one company should have city wide contracts.
I am not part of the discussion, just wanted to chime in and say that I appreciate that you use literal shit as the metaphor for freedom of choice, pipes filled to the brim with turds.
Capitalism is supposed to make things more efficient. This proposal seems a lot less efficient(and messy) than doing some sort of housing association.
Also depends on how you define efficient. Using least amount of pipe? less efficient. ease of switching between competitors? More efficient.
This is the ridiculous mindset of the capitalist. Market efficiency is the only thing they care about and it's going to get us all killed.
nice to see you again LR ;) the resource based economy eschews efficiency?
Frank: capitalism is too efficient!
Also Frank: We're using up all the earths resources, we need a more efficient system!
bingo 😜
Not to mention, Socialism suddenly won't make our resource needs disappear.
Unless we revert back to a less technological time, which Frank denies and claims people will live under a higher standard of living under Socialism, which requires more resources...
Socialism sucks! My friend from Russia formerly known as Crimea is the greediest person I know. Why u ask? Because she had absolutely nothing growing up! Now she is like a hoarder
At least we will be killed in the most cost-efficiently way possible, and capitalism will make sure that there is the absolute maximum amount of worker units (humans) to see it happen.
It might be more or less efficient. But we currently have multiple companies making every product. people generally dont say it is inefficient.
All I'm arguing here is that anarchy has a max population density. As you squeeze more human/mile it gets cheaper to pay for some centralized services/give up some freedoms for others.
quite likely & i'm saying the more competition (in everything) the better (lower prices higher quality). Applies to roles gov has traditionally taken (defense, courts, infrastructure).
We're talking about cities here. The infrastructure problems compound as the density gets higher. Could be solved with neighborhood co-ops I guess but that's basically a government.
Super decentralized. Apple only organizes 2M people and 9000 US suppliers and manufacturers (for all their products)
the principle is the same, you and I dont know how it would work so we should stop anyone else from trying.
Who's trying to build a city without utilities?
I live in a city of 50 million people. It's arguable weather that's something that should ever happen. Regardless, all the poop gets taken away. It boggles my mind how that's possible.
"all the poop gets taken away. It boggles my mind how that's possible."

Turns out, it isn't always possible:
A tale of two cities lol "It was the cleanest of times, it was the dirtiest of times"
They raised (increased elevation, not destroyed) Chicago starting in the 1850s to build a sewer:

Didn't have one before that.
Oh we had one, it was called the Chicago River!