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Great thinking! Video hosting is planned :)
How will you pay for it?
Using IPFS like and
replied to post · 81 days ago
IPFS is a good possibility. Also looking into other options.
replied to post · 81 days ago
Maybe webtorrent? Something like joystream.
IPFS would be a valuable asset for Memo.
replied to post · 80 days ago
Have you run IPFS? Even in DHT client only mode my CPU pegged 100% and bandwidth shot to 100Mbps. There are serious problems.
Yeah, from my experience, IPFS still sucks in practicality.
"Bcash" The new
Can't we have some originality around here?
replied to post · 81 days ago
Bitcoin Cash is the only way to handle the new internet. Zero censorship, zero servers zero domains. Bittube, etc don't have these features, and rely on hosting partners.
replied to post · 81 days ago
Memo's hosting partners are bch miners