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212d · Coin Trade Tips
I also recommend you to start accumulate #ZEC. Its halving in November. It is very easy & safe money to make. After halving, RoI will be no less than 35-40% if you start accumulating today.
replied 212d
This is a bit of a tangent, but did you see the creation event of ZEC where a tech illiterate journalist managed to get their own private mobile phone hacked in the process? Comedic.
replied 212d
Imo, no coin is "investment". Never going to be like Apple stock. It is as risky as playing leveraged stock and 99.9% of the coins are shitcoins. I only take profit and leave.
replied 211d
That is a sensible approach, buying and selling coins for speculation is nothing like investing, which is fine as long as people realize that what they are doing.