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Just started to build Wormhole source code from Github. Very exited to see what it's about.
Didn't want to download the whole chain again, so I copied it to an external hard drive from another PC running Bitcoin XT. Upgrading UTXO database .... 30% complete.
It seems that the WHC token has not been yet been implemented into the QT (GUI) version, but it's accessable from the CLI with whc_* commands.
Success! I managed to send my tokens using this guide: (whc_* instead of omni_*). tx:
Shouldn't have tested on mainnet. Burned 1 WHC in order to create a test token. Downloading testnet now....
If you have BCH and tokens in the same address you can just use whc_send. You only need to do it the complex way if you want to pay tx fees with BCH from another address.
What exchange can I buy BCH tokens on?
WHC is Trading om Coinex