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so true, but unfortunately in peaceful times many people forget or do not realize this. by the time guns are needed it is often too late.
It's already too late in most developed nations, even with guns. The common man doesn't have much hope against drones and police with tanks and military equipment
have to drop these. Sry abt the strong language (not OP).
gist is that 1)nukes/jets/missiles can’t control a population (subjugation != killing) 2)more ppl would join the rebels than expected So resisting gov tyranny & winning a traditional
war have different win conditions that favor resistance. Though when 2A was written gov & pop had equal armaments…
Those are chantards spouting conjecture, he even admits that he doesn't have sources. You *can* control a population with just those things too, using a little something called fear
Glassing a city to ctrl it? That’ll get those pesky civilians in line. Look at all those attentive civilians, they’re all ears to your intimidation!
The civilians in neighboring cities are probably hella attentive lol
Cities aren’t useful if they’re glassed. Think politicians in DC want to rule over a glassed country like a modern ozymandias? They want power & control, not rubble.
I just mentioned that power and control are achieved with fear, why do you think Tiananmen Square happened? To scare the rest of the population out of resisting
& I just mentioned gov cant use a nuke in a war against a rebel group without facing international backlash.
If nukes are the almighty fear inducer why didn’t US just nuke Al Qaeda or Taliban controlled cities in Afghanistan? Or ISIL controlled cities in Syria?
Looks like I just need to call out exxtra or 4chan for being full of shit to start a stress test lol. Sorry I triggered you, but this is all idiotic conjecture, and blatantly false
I’ve posted many memos at once as replies since I started on memo. You’re not special, snowflake.
I'm not saying I am, I was suggesting that anyone could call out you or 4chan for being full of shit to start a stress test lol. Found any basement-dwelling sources on nukes yet?
"Looks like *I* just need to" "Sorry *I* triggered you" glad you know you're not special.
Yes, using nukes to control rebels is “idiotic conjecture, and blatantly false.”
Criminals don't shoot a hostage and then make demands, your refusal to see I was talking about fear of nukes controlling populations shows how little you've thought about this
they dont create fear if they cant be used...
Yes, it is lol. Which is why I never proposed it, you did. And it certainly worked at scaring the Japanese into cooperating. Is this the kind of fake news garbage on 4chan these days?
“You *can* control a population with just those things too, using a little something called fear”. Yeah, Japan…another nation state. Nukes keep nation-states inline. They dont
Another stress test!! Thanks Exxtra! You're one easily-triggered snowflake, thanks for the lulz
4 txns is a stress test? What kind of cripple coin do you think memo is built on, BTC? BCH can handle millions of txns per day.
You're too much fun to trigger dude, you should send some more far-right memes, those really show off your high IQ lol. Got any nuke or pizzagate fanfics from the chanbots today?
for someone above it all you are suspiciously familiar with 4chan shibboleths…
help when fighting rebels. They weren’t used (or useful) in fighting or influencing (with fear!) the pops in Vietnam, Korea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.
You know, to force the people in neighboring cities to be “hella” attentive & cower in fear & achieve power and control of the region.
Not to mention, rebel groups dont just all clump together in a convenient city away from valuable targets or civilians…
Oh, Tiananmen Square? When those tanks advanced on *unarmed* protestors to scare the *unarmed* population?
Sure, if you ignore that now the entire productivity of the city is lost & the international community condemns gov for using nukes. Bc actions exist in a vacuum, obviously.
No he doesn’t have a source, but neither do you, lol. & ad hominem aren’t arguments. So, you’ll actually have to think & ask are the things he says probable?
My source is the annual US military budget, shithead. Not unemployed neets living in their parents' basements lol
Those the same “unemployed NEETs” who called in a Russian airstrike from their basements? (& “unemployed neet” is redundant)
Lol do you seriously believe the things you see on 4chan? I feel bad for you, I thought everyone knew they all have autism
Just got the update for my NPC programming & OMG. You’re right. Literally everything on 4chan is fake. 0% chance of any of its real.
4chan bad! orange man bad! peach mints!
can you read timestamps? keep resorting to name calling; wouldn’t want you to have to think at all.
“They overpay therefore they’re a superior fighting force” what tard logic.
That the same mil that over pays for everything? “The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is $163 billion over budget, seven years behind schedule”
Quantity > quality, in this fight.
If they are prepared to kill their own population then it's not living but serfdom anyways (no reason to continue that way of life)
I agree with your second point, but if you look up videos of nuke damage or even just airstrikes, you can easily tell that conventional weapons would get stomped. Gotta use legal means
"Gotta use legal means"

It's impossible to get rid of a violent entity by using peaceful means.
Silent body and mind will reflect.
They won't "nuke" their own infrastructure, nor they will airstrike it.
They show force to "persuade" people into submission. They want us to think that we are powerless.
In reality, it wouldn't take much. A few dedicated people and a huge angry mob that won't pussy out from confrontation.
You can accomplish a lot with a mob, but nothing good or productive. Violent overthrow would almost certainly lead to military coup, they aren't going to just hand over their nukes lol
I don't think that "non-violent overthrow" is possible. The machine has to be sabotaged to the point of complete dysfunctionalty and a persistent angry mob is crucial for that.
Completely sabotaging the government could just lead to corporatocracy too, which would be worse IMO. I'm for a TR figure to take us back to small gov and trust/monopoly busting
From my angle, they're already in the same "team".
I couldn't agree more
I think that people need to get angry, but there are plenty of ways that we can affect government other than hurting people. I'm saying we need to try legal means while we still can
Technology is a double-edged sword too. As much as the powers that be exploit it to keep us enslaved, the pleb can utilize it too.
Hint: you can stop an international airport with a couple of hobby drones. Imagine if you made them release easily made explosives....
A couple of swat units destroyed and every fiat greedy useful idiot who thought that being a henchmen of banksters is a good idea would reflect on their life choices.
Their whole organization is splattered with single point of failures. Peaceful protests won't expose these tho.
Technically not true. There are more retired vets than active soldiers, and those vets are trained to fight against those things.
They haven't fought against drones, modern equipment, or carriers, mostly just people in caves. The military is too large to take on the government at this point, look at US spending
They have not taken them on,but have been trained to. They also know what to expect from them. I use to say the same message as you are until some vets explained how it is possible.
Carriers and drones are also force multipliers, vets are only 7% of the US population
Vets may be only 7% of the population, but active troops are only 1% of the population.

With those 7% directing and training people a lot could be done.
I think they may be figuring way too many older and out-of-fighting-shape veterans in those projections, not really sure that anyone can stand up to the US govt with its full attention
Not with it's full attention, no. If it actually came to that though you know there would likely be a split in the military though.
Yeah that's very true, not everyone would be down with turning on the rest of their countrymen. Drones worry me because they could be automated, and wouldn't have that choice though