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created poll 1444d

DAY 32

MATCH #64/64

Sunday, 15 July, 15:00 UTC


1) Place your bets as tips when you vote

2) No like-betting pls

Max: 100 mil sats/bet
Min: 1k sats/bet
France to advance to the next round (1.30x) 7 votes (6 unique) · 3,227,500 satoshis
Croatia to advance to the next round (2.60x) 17 votes (17 unique) · 6,560,834 satoshis
[Regular time] France - 0.5 goals (1.90x) 4 votes (4 unique) · 553,000 satoshis
[Regular time] Croatia + 0.5 goals (1.90x) 1 votes (1 unique) · 500,000 satoshis
[Regular time] Over 2.5 goals (2.55x) 1 votes (1 unique) · 10,000 satoshis
[Regular time] Under 2.5 goals (1.30x) 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis


replied 1440d

MATCH #64/64

Regular time: FRANCE 4 - 2 CROATIA

Winning bets
France to advance (1.30x)
France - 0.5 goals (1.90x)
Over 2.5 goals (2.55x)

replied 1440d
replied 1441d
I know nothing about betting, but I thought if everyone was voting on the same team why not. 🤷‍♀️
replied 1441d
Oops I just saw how much people tipped. Oops I only did 2k
replied 1442d
Solitude, I want to vote for [Over 2.5 goals (2.55x)] as well but I already voted for France. Can I do that or can we only vote on one thing?
replied 1442d
You should be able to bet multiple times.
replied 1442d
Okay I will vote for that as well then