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Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, deal with it!
replied 252d
no Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin,
took me a while but i figured it out...

Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash 😀
replied 253d
Imagine how much better memo could be if the operators didn't waste resources on the SV farce...
replied 253d
replied 253d
Agreed, I hope to see @memo drop support for the SV scam and continue working on becoming an awesome BCH platform.
replied 209d
Bitcoin cash is bitcoin, deal with it!
replied 236d
why are you doing this?
replied 76d
I'm putting my money where my mouth is, literally...
Unusual Uther
replied 76d
People used to put money in there mouth, but that was when they used tobacco as currency.
replied 55d
Mmm.. used to love packing a nice lipper!
replied 236d
I like this truth a lot.
replied 16d
Not this fucking shit again.

You're a fucking idiot.
David Hasselhoff
replied 77d
Yeppers. Get over it haters
replied 3d
Why don't you save your sats to tip some quality memos instead?
replied 3d
Great idea...
replied 3d
point blank.
replied 8d
First Impression, "Wow that alot of likes, amazing!" Second impression, "Oh, its just re-liked by the same person over and over, not as impressive as i thought."
replied 22d
can I please get some #BCH tips? I'm really trying to stack & become a better bitcoiner
replied 149d
replied 3d
Tips me please 😁
replied 9d
Buy E-BIKE token, deal with it!
replied 29d
سلام برهمه دوستان عزیز
امیدوارم همگی موفق باشید
درضمن تازه کارهایی چون مارا،راهنمایی بفرمایید
Crypto Kyle!!💰🤑🤯
replied 38d
Bitcoin cash is bitcoin!!!! Just better
replied 54d
wtf are you doing dude stop! :D
replied 234d
Hahaha so where is BCH white paper?
replied 233d
Same place as the BTC and BSV whitepaper. Hint: They all have the same origin. And it was not written by CSW.
replied 233d
Ok, where does the whitepaper say anonymous transactions? You may be borrowing the wrong whitepaper.
replied 233d
WTF are you babbling on about? What does anonymous transactions have to do with Bitcoin (BCH)?
replied 234d
replied 54d
We shouldn't generate traffic to the compromised website...
replied 51d
Your comment worths the following musical award