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· 509d
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, deal with it!
Imagine how much better memo could be if the operators didn't waste resources on the SV farce...
replied · 126d
Agreed, I hope to see @memo drop support for the SV scam and continue working on becoming an awesome BCH platform.
replied · 125d
no Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin,
took me a while but i figured it out...

Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash 😀
replied · 83d
Bitcoin cash is bitcoin, deal with it!
why are you doing this?
replied · 109d
I like this truth a lot.
replied · 22d
replied · 107d
Hahaha so where is BCH white paper?
replied · 106d
Same place as the BTC and BSV whitepaper. Hint: They all have the same origin. And it was not written by CSW.
replied · 106d
Ok, where does the whitepaper say anonymous transactions? You may be borrowing the wrong whitepaper.
replied · 106d
WTF are you babbling on about? What does anonymous transactions have to do with Bitcoin (BCH)?
replied · 107d