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I thought #BCH was doomed because @rogerkver @BitcoinCom @BitcoinCashA made so many mistakes, but Roger learns and adapts fast and @Srust99 did a great job. Today I also understand the importance of tokens.
replied 47d
I never thought #BCH was doomed.
replied 47d
What else did you never think?
replied 48d
Yeah the new CEO is amazing. Great that Roger hired that guy
replied 47d
Absolutely yes great move, but to update you, he left his position a few days ago. So back to Roger I guess. But if hes smart he will hire me soon 😎😎🍇🍋🍊🍉😂😂
replied 47d
Wow didn't know that. Haha maybe I don't know your skills :P
replied 47d
My first action as CEO of would be a yoga lesson with all the employees :D
replied 46d
I'm a fan of that idea 😀