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· 224d was build in just few days by a single person with basic JS knowledge. When people wake up to what bitdb is capable of, the BCH ecosystem will explode.
replied · 223d
Projects like this make me proud to use BCH! is so much better than for search purposes. Thx!
Explode you say ? But there are no explosives her... OH SHI-
replied · 224d
it won't take long
replied · 224d
Made a same version of your site : : bitdb is so easy to use it's awesome, but I can't find any ideas for useful sites to do :/ it's really "cool" but that's it :/
Oyo is Chapter 1 of any MVC framework tutorial
replied · 224d
What else is BitDB capable of? Oyo isn't a Google-killer but it's definitely neat.
replied · 224d
Its a simple way to interact with the op_return data without having to reinvent the wheel like memo and blockpress had to when they made their platforms.
replied · 224d
Right. But what day-to-day usecases will The Average Joe have with such a database? What is its potential for BCH adoption?
replied · 224d
It's just a easier way for developers to build on BCH without knowing everything about Bitcoin. That way we can make amazing platforms for you guys w/o reinventing the wheel ;)