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sent · 1,000 sats 445d
I noticed that doesn't accept BCH.
I think you should remove it.
replied 445d
"You split, we bankrupt ourselves." LMAO
replied 445d
It's co-founded by Ari Kuqi, big time BSV Maximalist who thinks altcoiners are scammers

replied 445d
I don't like maximalists, and I don't like people who call me criminal.
replied 445d
In BSV-Land Serial Forger dude is the hero, people making money on the side on OpenBazaar (legal goods) to evade a KYC/AML are "shitcoiners/criminals".
replied 444d
Thanks, I nuked it.
replied 445d
They haven't since the Nov. Fork. Should have been removed long ago