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in a general way, like it is never useful to make such comparisons at all is intellectually dishonest. You don't care about the truth at all, you just try to win the discussion.
You have to make a good comparison. You cant compare apples and steel on their singing ability.
Is this really so hard for you, or are you pretending to be stupid? The principal issue of who/what to let into your borders exists for both households and states
Your incomparable comparison is not working is the problem. Privately owned homes and nations are not so easily compared. Do you have customs and border control at your home?
We do have those. Your point?
You have a customs checkpoint to your home? How much fo you find the border security for your home?
You let strangers sleep in your house? Eat out of your fridge?
No, but my house is private property. Not really the same as a land mass.
So ppl squatting in your back yard is ok? What if you owned a large area and found oil, then the queen came and said tough luck peasant! Would you be pissed?
So you know anything about the history of royal lands? The queen is just a figurehead. She exerts no power. Doing so would eliminate an agreement that makes life easier on the royals.
Lol you really are a coolade kid
So you got nothing in response to the facts. Got it.
"Customs checkpoint" is a word made specifically for stuff like country borders. Of course I do not have that at my home. Some people do have a guard at the door for apartmentcomplexes
Yeah, and national borders are not the same as your home.
So you keep repeating this, and I keep repeating that I know it is not exactly the same. You have been reduced to a parrot at this point. You do not need to repeat this for my sake
It needs repeating when people keep making the failed comparison.
Wrong. Repeating has NO value when opposition says you need to explain, not repeat. Unless of course you are doing propaganda as instead of real discussion.
Ok, then explain how you think the comparison works. Then I will pick it apart more carefully.
I have explained. But you just pick one part at random and shout "wrong", and when I explain how it is not wrong, you just pick another part at random and shout "wrong". YOU explain.
Actually, the goats from Animal Farm is a better comparison. Repeating the same thing over and over in with the intent of silencing civil discourse