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created poll 745d
How old are you? #dailymemo
0 - 19 4 votes · 555 satoshis
20 - 29 7 votes · 2,500 satoshis
30 - 39 14 votes · 8,765 satoshis
40 - 49 4 votes · 546 satoshis
50+ 2 votes · 0 satoshis


replied 745d many old farts. :P
replied 745d
Perhaps, it has something to do with the housing market crash? I'm not so sure that the generation younger than Millenialls in the US is into crypto as much... which is odd
replied 745d
Or, may be, I'm wrong. Who knows? 17% of Gen Z own crypto, apparently.
replied 745d
I highly doubt that figure. It was extrapolated so it's pretty much useless. Blockchain metrics certainly do not reflect it.
replied 744d
according to the monopolists on time I am an oldie but my feelings are still like spring time so fuck age. Age ain't noting but a number
replied 745d
Most humans under the age of 20 have been dummed down enough to not be able to join a community like this.