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· 133d
Funny how the Assange/wikileaks story is completely absent from the banker owned mainstream media....

Our world have a tendency to make me truly sick. :,(
replied · 128d
If the mainstream media is promoting a story... Rest assured that some corporation is paying them to do that. CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, Reuters, and yes even NPR!
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replied · 132d
Great vid, thanks.

replied · 133d
Dinosaur lamestream media is dead. They have almost no listeners anymore. They are just propped up by Google search manipulation.
replied · 132d
They still shape public opinion.
replied · 133d
you still follow msm?
replied · 132d
I observe it. It's undeniable that normies (super-majority of the population) still listen to it.
replied · 133d
A remarkable Event is set to occur on the 17th of July!

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