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replied 1309d
"department of the UK Government responsible for the collection of taxes"
This guy was executed for tax evasion:
replied 1308d
This link also doesn't work. I am really doubting this one.
replied 1307d
You really can't figure out where this link goes?
replied 1307d
Okay I followed the link. It makes my point for me. Britain has a bad history with debtors jail. They got rid of people being jailed for debts.
replied 1307d
Lol. People get jailed for tax evasion today, and in the past even executed. Your point is void. Read the articles.
replied 1305d
So as I said. People are not jailed for it everywhere. Lots of times it takes extreme circumstances. That said you are morally obligated to pay taxes if you benefit from them.
replied 1303d
I benefit from maybe 10% of the activities that my taxes fund. So I'm only obligated to pay those 10%? How about compensation for the 90% of tax activities that make my life worse?
replied 1303d
You are not evaluating your benefits properly. The benefits that others receive directly do affect you indirectly. Living in a stable and prosperous area is a benefit.
replied 1307d
I read one of them. Like I said though. I only suspected it of other Commonwealth nations.