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Unusual Uther
created poll 77d
Do you eat micrawavable meals sometimes?
Yes 60 votes · 8,804 satoshis
No 29 votes · 11,345 satoshis


replied 76d
Let's put it this way my microwave of 30+ years just died and to not be without one for 2 days I lugged on up 2 flights of stairs from my bar....
replied 75d
It makes the food yummy and fresh
replied 76d
As long as its a food why not :) done voting my friend
replied 76d
For me its no. Home made food is very deliciousssss and rather than that we dont have microwave hehe
replied 76d
I never did..done voting
replied 69d
Done voting :)
replied 76d
If those red baron mini pizzas count, then yes. Those are my fav
replied 76d
if im left at home alone,i seldom cook for myself.then if i have no choice and tired from work.
replied 76d
replied 77d
yes sometimes i get into it!
replied 77d
i dont consider eating microwavable meals.