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voted in poll 718d DAY 4 MATCH #11/64 Sunday, 17 Jun, 18:00 UTC BRAZIL vs SWITZERLAND 1) Place your bets as tips when you vote 2) NO LIKE-BETTING PLS Max: 10 mil sats/bet Min: 100k sats/bet

Switzerland + 1.5 goals (1.55x)

2 million on Switzerland (see like)
replied 718d
Got it! The biggest single bet I have received so far.
replied 717d
I would've bet 3 million were it not for that voting glitch which made me reconsider the odds a bit :) but I still have confidence in the Swiss.
replied 717d
you voted 1M costa rica, right? I voted opposite 1M. May the best team win :D
replied 717d
I was betting a draw but... :(