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ABC is already too far gone. Avalanche, IMO, is going to slow them down. Bitcoin for the world? Dream on Roger!
Avalanche makes the chain more secure and prevents double spending. Something BSV will continue to have problems with. BCH will be the first coin to be adopted. Mark it.
not too far. I think instant transaction is necessary for a worldly cash.
Do you understand the intent of the Avalanche-like tech being proposed for BCH?
Somewhat. I can't read minds though.
Explain why slow down?
Instead of minig on the block they will be deciding on what should be in a block. What a waste of time.
It is a way to keep mempools in sync. That way when a block is mined the whole big block doesn't need to be sent to everyone. Instead you basically just need to send the proof of work.
mkay, so the bandwidth usage is shifted from block propagation to mempool syncing; it would be interesting to find out how many fewer bytes get communicated in no-DS attempt scenario.
Its more about spreading the workload. Instead of getting a whole block and validating it ASAP before passing it on, you create the block over time and just send the PoW proof at end
it sounds like competing between miners is slowly eroded with one protocol-change at a time; feels like not long from now WHC-nodes/miners will fully replace BCH-miners
They are still competing to find the proof of work first
".. is slowly eroded .."; yes there is competition, for now
huh, i guess i would smart for BCH people to quietly buy up dips in WHC/BCH
Miner ALWAYS decides what they want to include in a block. You will find that CSW agrees on that as well.
Yeah but this avalanche is a group thing. Waste of communication, waste of time.
Wrong. It helps honest miners know what tx is the correct one in case of double spend attempt. It makes BCH much more secure with less resources.
I doubt it, but, I'm out of this discussion. I'll just wait and see. Not sure ABC will implement avalanche anyways.
Just as I imagined - you have no idea what are you talking about.
Oh I do have some idea.
PSA: gaslighting is homopit's favorite hobby