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151d · flipstarter - Continued BitcoincashJ Development
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Completion of this Flipstarter will allow me to further develop bitcoincashj and implement even more features and improvements.

The goals I aim to complete with the completion of this
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| Flipstarter are:

CashID support
Flipstarter support
Schnorr multisig support


CashID Support

CashID support in bitcoincashj will allow Java developers to
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| implement CashID functions into their services/wallets with ease. CashID allows users to sign-in to supported websites by just signing a message with their private key.

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| Support

Much like how Electron Cash has the Flipstarter plugin, Flipstarter support within bitcoincashj itself will allow for users using wallets based on bitcoincashj to make
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| pledges with those wallets.

Schnorr Multisig Support

Currently only normal inputs in a standard bitcoincashj wallet are signed with Schnorr. Multisig wallets still use ECDSA
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| signatures. If this Flipstarter is completed, then multisig wallets can have the ability to use Schnorr signatures in their multisig inputs.
Past Flipstarter

I ran my first
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| Flipstarter a few months ago, and it was a success. It was fully funded, with 4 goals:

Rewritten SLP integration
More examples in bitcoincashj for developers to reference
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| Memo protocol support within the library
bitcoinj backports

All of these tasks have been completed, but since backports have no set "completion" stage, currently all upstream
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| changes have been merged in as of November 17, 2020. I will continue to merge in upstream fixes and improvements as they come in.

On top of those 4 goals, I also worked on several
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| other features/changes since the Flipstarter completed:

Schnorr signatures
Testnet4 support
Scalenet support
aserti3-2d support
Multisig wallet
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| creation
BIP47 improvements and optimizations

So more was accomplished than advertised in the original Flipstarter.

Tasks such as the aserti3-2d implementation also helped
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| other Java developers such as the guys over at Software Verde implement the ASERT DAA into Bitcoin Verde for the November 2020 Bitcoin Cash upgrade. My knowledge of writing the
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| aserti3-2d DAA also helped BCHD get their ASERT implemention working:

The current repository for
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