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· 235d
There is now a setting on to enable big memos (up to 8192 characters). If you are using un-split coins this will cause them to be split. Also transactions may take awhile to confirm and can get lost.
replied · 235d
Such txs will be displayed on both and ?
replied · 235d
replied · 235d
Ok thx. Hopefully it won't split too much the memo community
Brace yourself for walls of texts of #Faketoshi and Statist Vision spam.

Lifting the character limit too much will make this platforms utterly crap.
replied · 235d
Lifting the blocklimit too
You should rather fix essential stuff and improve your platform than wasting time on any Statist Vision relates farce.
replied · 235d
yes @memo, get in line bitch! /s
replied · 233d
See comment below.

I have memo++'d him for less.
That wasn't my point.

Also, fuck you.
replied · 235d