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I wonder if Starbucks is aware of the fact that there was quite literally a civil war over whether coffee should be on the blockchain, and that they're on the chain that doesn't want coffee.
Starbucks won't even touch coins. The Bakkt Exchange will also be a payment provider, and Starbucks would get $ into their account.
I really hope this Bakkt exchange will let us pay with coins directly. They would get a lot more use from that I think.
Wait till we put their dirty fiat on the blockchain.
From what I know now I'm gonna boykot this shit.
Seriously they look like a bunch of amateur.
Bunch of fucking amatures, you want a crypto, ill get you a crypto,
"there was quite literally a civil war" I think that is taking it too far
As far as I understand it they will not really accepting bitcoin. They will use bitcoin (+ likely alts) so you can buy some StarbucksCoins. You can use those StarbucksCoins for coffee
The accounts at Bakkt will be custodial - Bakkt controls the keys. And charges fees for holding the account. And transactional fees. Like every bank does.
I like my coffee without the third party risk (and associated tx slowdown)
“Innovation” they’ll say...
No, no coins. They, and users, will have to open an account at Bakkt. Users load some coins into it, and pay at Starbucks with Bakkt app. The $ amount is debited from user's account.